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of the best

German freelancers (IT, design, product management, SEO, writing, sales, marketing)

local and remote.

Think you're among the best German freelancers? Prove it and gain access to many benefits!

Targeted job offers

You will receive highly targeted job offers which fit your profile – when we know you are looking for a job, the offer suits you professionally and the working conditions are right. Job spamming is not a thing with us.

Working remotely

Gerlent aims to promote remote work to freelancers and clients, thus making it easier to find the perfect match for a position. At the same time, we keep an eye on the global job market for our German freelancers.

Gerlent Community

Since Gerlent is being developed by freelancers for freelancers, our emphasis on maintaining a strong, connected community remains very close to our heart. We discuss and support each other with everything freelance-related; from legal issues right up to technical problems and other challenges.

Additional income

Jobs that you cannot accept due to lack of time are not lost if you are a Gerlent member. You can pass these job offers on to us and we will find a match within the Gerlent Community. You will then receive a commission for every successful placement.

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You will only find the best freelancers through our selection process. Professionalism is Gerlent's brand essence.

The perfect fit

Find the perfect fit for your projects. Our talents are wide-ranging and we help you with the optimal choice.

Payment only in case of success

You pay nothing until we have found a suitable candidate for you.

Some of our partners

Our creative community

Gerlent members have an entrepreneurial spirit. Here are some of their startups:

Some of our members